Why Is My Hot Tub Water Green?

A key factor in the allure of a hot tub is its water's clarity. You don't want to dip your body in hot tub water that is anything but clear. The water should not be cloudy, smelly, and not green in color. Green water is unpleasant and begs the question; is green water in a hot tub safe?

Naturally, green algae are not dangerous to humans. The only downside is that it eliminates the appeal necessary for a hot tub.

So, if you find yourself contemplating why is my hot tub water green, this is the perfect article for you. So, read on and discover the facts about greenness in hot tub water.

Why Is My Hot Tub Water Green?

Presence of Algae in the Water:

It is most likely that your hot tub water is green because of algae growth. Algae growth makes the hot tub water green and slimy. The slimy factor is evidenced when you touch the sides of the tub.

Several factors make the hot tub a conducive environment for algae growth. They include:

  • Inadequate level of water sanitizer (bromine or chlorine).
  • Exposure of the hot tub to the sun when not in use.
  • Poor filtration system.

Excessive Minerals in the Water:

Chlorine is an important mineral for hot tub waters because it acts as a sanitizer. But what are its effects if used inappropriately? Does too much chlorine make the hot tub green?

Well, yes, it does! You'll know that the cause of the greenness in your hot tub water is excessive minerals if the water is not slimy. The green tint of hot tubs results from reactions between the water and the minerals, specifically chlorine and manganese.

How Do You Fix Green Hot Tub Water?

Drain and Refill

Before undertaking any measure, it is advisable that you fully drain and refill with fresh water.

Water with algae must be gotten rid of. Once it is gone, thoroughly clean every surface to ensure every bit of algae is gone.

Clean or Replace the Filter

A poor filtration system is a common cause of algae growth. Once the water is drained, make sure the filter is sprayed, soaked, and cleaned in a filter cleaner. If the filter is worn out, this is the best time to replace it.

Treat the Refill Water

The third and final step is to clean the refilled water. Make sure the sanitizer level is approximately 1.0 ppm. Additionally, shock the water to get the most out of the sanitizer. After noticing the normal clarity of your hot tub water, cover the tub with a clean cover.

With these steps, say goodbye to green hot water tubs. Work and maintenance, however, do not end there. You will need to constantly check the situation of the hot tub to discourage any growth of algae or the excessive presence of minerals. For more tips about hot tub water care, surf through the Amano website today.

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