Why Is My Hot Tub Water Cloudy?

You look forward to soaking yourself in a hot tub only to find that the hot tub is cloudy. It is a common problem that hot tub owners experience.

Having a clear hot tub is not only for aesthetic purposes but also for safety reasons. Ask yourself: is cloudy hot tub water safe? The answer is no. There’s a likelihood of chemical imbalance or bacterial growth, which is harmful.

Since it’s a common problem, why does hot tub water get cloudy? Learn the reasons and how to fix them.

Causes of Cloudy Hot Tub Water

Below are the causes of cloudy hot tub water and their remedies. Read on.

The Human Factor

Hot water tubs are made for humans. But let’s face it: humans bring contaminants with them. They’re body oil, sweat, hair products, lotion, and makeup. You don’t even have to think of fecal matter and urine residue.

It’s not pleasant to talk about the grossness of humans, but it’s a common cause. These human-introduced contaminants end up making your hot tub water cloudy.

  • Remedy – Shock the water to break down the particles. You can also add an eco-enzyme solution that will “eat” any human contaminants.

Poor Water Chemistry

The ideal pH level of water in a tub should be in the range of 7.2 – 7.6. Anything outside this range will make the hot tub cloudy.

A high pH means that the water is too basic. Calcium and scale build-up are the major culprits. It will enhance ineffective sanitizing and contribute to scale formation. A high pH often causes burning eyes and itchy skin.

A low pH creates a breeding ground for contaminants which can pose a health risk for users.

A common cause of low pH is adding too many chemicals to reduce the pH levels.

  • Remedy – A high pH can be lowered by adding a pH decrease. A low pH can be remedied by using baking soda or soda ash.  

Low Sanitizer Level

Once you confirm that the chemistry of water in a hot tub is balanced, check the sanitizer level. The normal sanitizer level is 1.0 ppm. A low sanitizer level will disrupt the water chemistry and make the water unclear and unsafe.

  • Remedy – Treat the water using the recommended dosage of chlorine or bromine. Use a sanitizer 2 – 3 times per week. Boost the sanitizer by shocking the water.

Filter Problems

A filter in a hot tub removes solid particles such as algae, dirt, or dust. These are contaminants that constantly enter the water. A wrongly positioned or clogged filter fails to remove these impurities, hence, contributing to cloudy water.

  • Remedy – Constantly check and replace the filter every 12 – 24 months. Clogged filters can be sprayed or soaked in a filter cleaner to break down crystallized or greasy deposits.

Bottom Line

Cloudy hot tubs are common but, luckily, are not so difficult to find and fix. If you have a cloudy hot water tub, there is a likelihood that it is one or more of the reasons above. If the remedies suggested above don’t seem to work, drain and refill the tub with fresh, clean water.

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