Changing the way we monitor pools.

Amano monitors your chemicals, alerts your technicians when the chemicals are out of balance and then tells them exactly how to fix it.
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Monitoring the most important chemicals.

Amano remotely monitors the chemicals the other guys can't. Welcome to the future of water monitoring.

pH is very high


Monitoring your water chemistry helps avoid harmful bacteria growth and it prevents damage to your expensive pool equipment.


of swimming pools violated health department requirements.


of public swimming pools had e-coli*

Amano makes a custom recommendation based on your pools gallon size, chemical readings and sanitizer type to tell you exactly how to fix your chemical levels.

Customized recommendations for pool health.

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Unbalanced water chemistry is thought to be the leading cause of damage in commercial and residential swimming pools. Amano will alert you when your chemicals get out of balance and tell you how to balance them. Keep your equipment running longer and smoother.

Automatic pool log for the most important chemicals.

Amano saves your pool readings automatically. Print out a QR code and put it in your pool house and you'll automatically have access to any readings from Amano.


I feel like this product is a game changer, and I will have them installed at all my properties.

This product helps extend the life of our equipment from the heat exchangers to the plaster. By being able to watch the chemical levels around the clock we know when the water in the pool/spa becomes corrosive and/or becomes unsafe. This allows us to adjust quickly, before damaging equipment or the plaster which means we can minimize pool/spa closure time.

Tyler Johnson

Director of Maintenance, PEG Companies

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Tests per month monitoring the most important chemicals.

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Changing how we monitor water.

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