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How does the device connect to the internet?

There are two ways the device can connect to the internet. 

  1. The property’s Wifi. Activate Bluetooth on the phone and connect to the device. The device will automatically connect to the Wifi through the bluetooth on the phone (similar to a ring doorbell or nest thermostat). 
  2. A cellular network (this second option is only available to properties who do not have good Wifi connection). The user will select the cellular option and input a 4 digit code. The device will then automatically run a test for signal strength and connect. There will be no need for bluetooth provisioning or inputting wifi passwords.

The device will guide the user through this process which takes an estimated two minutes to accomplish.

Can the device be installed vertically, or must it be installed horizontally?

The device must be installed horizontally in order to test accurately. Use this visual as a reference.

What pipe size does Amano connect to?

 Amano is made to connect to standard 2-inch pipes. Most Class C commercial swimming pools are this standard size; however, if your pool uses smaller than 2 inches or between 2 and 2.5inch, we recommend adapting to 2-inch pipes using reducing couplers. If your pool implements a pipe larger than 2.5 inches, we recommend creating a bypass.

Can I share the data Amano collects with anyone?

Yes. Inside the app, simply click "share device" and input the desired recipient's email. There is no additional charge to share it with someone.

What is the maintenance on the device?

Unlike other systems, Amano does not use probes, which means it can calibrate independently. Due to this unique function, there are only two things that require maintenance. 

  1. The installation of the cartridge every 2-4 weeks (depending on how frequently it tests). Amano will send new cartridges as needed to the device user. The cartridge installation is simple, remove the lid and put the cartridge in.
  2. Recharge the batteries every 1-2 months. The batteries (extra batteries are included) come with a charger and must be recharged by the device owner. They are found near the cartridge towards the top of the Amano device.
Can Amano be installed on 1.5 in, 2.5 in, or 3-inch pipes?

Yes, the device uses a 2 inch pipe. If you are using a pipe smaller than 2 inches, you will need to use a reducer from a 2 inch pipe to your desired size of pipe. These are typically found at your local hardware or plumbing supply store. The same process is followed for any pipe size between 2 inch and 2 1/2 inch.


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